A comprehensive neuropsychological exploration of human needs, behaviour and motivation

All behaviour is motivated by our human needs

We are brains. That brain is attached to a nervous system connecting us to our body which carries us around and helps us interact with the world. We experience the world through our body but essentially in our brain. We experience everything, including our world and ourselves in our brain, and then our brain creates (motivates) our behaviour (actions) in order to meet its most fundamental human need: to be regulated. 

Like all life on earth, homeostasis is ideal for humans. The brain is wired to regulate itself, to find balance between extremes in all aspects from the simple aspects like temperature control, to the complex social aspects of human life.

There are a number of elements to human regulation

In simple terms, a human has five aspects that the brain seeks to regulate: physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional and psychological. Each of these aspects of regulation are complex. In addition, there are the purely psychological needs that include: protection, predictability, connection, recognition, novelty and autonomy.

This website seeks to explain all of these aspects in detail, and in the simplest way possible.

Psychological regulation